Braces Color Picker Widget developed the braces color picker widget to allow orthodontists to put a Braces Widget on their own site. The widget is free to use for all orthodontist, dental professionals and for anyone else who would like to put it on their site.

Click Here to see the Braces Color Picker Widget in action.

Installation Instructions

To install the widget on your site, simply copy the code below and paste it on a page on your site. This code will work on most self hosted websites. The widget may not work on sites like Facebook or


The widget is 575 pixels wide and requires at least that much space on your site. The widget also requires that JavaScript be enabled for it to function properly. Please do not modify the code.

The Braces Color Picker Widget allows patients to choose the color of the braces and customize their look. It is easy to use and quick to install. The code is designed so it requires no maintenance on your end and is continuously updated and maintained by the development team. makes now guarantee that the widget will always be available.